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About Parfait

Founder & Managing Director

Image is the cornerstone of visual credibility, personal presence, and non-verbal communication. Parfait Image Consultants ensure these skills are available to you. We inspire our clients to transform physical presence into personal presence – and to choose excellence in personal styling and management.

At Parfait, through Image Consulting services, we enable people to be the best version of themselves and empowering them to project an authentic, appropriate and attractive image.

Image consulting is no longer just for the rich and the famous. If you’re re-entering the corporate workforce or your outdated wardrobe needs a refresh, Bia Sandhu at Parfait is your go-to-girl!!! Whether you are looking for simple makeover services like style direction or are in need of an extreme personal styling you have reached your destination for your complete personal styling service. The best part!!! The information you acquire through Parfait Image Consulting will last a lifetime, enabling you to look and feel your personal best.

From a personal styling, wardrobe styling, personal shopping and beauty advice on anything from a first date to your wedding day, Parfait Image Consulting is a one stop shop. First Impressions are lasting impressions and Bia will make sure you’re making the right one.

At the end of our sessions, our clients not only display a positive self-image but also self esteem, confidence and competence.

Parfait Image Consulting is a guaranteed formula to achieve your personal, social and professional goals.

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