Get the Fizz out of your hair

There is something about Flirty waves which gives the appearance of a more youthful look… It gives the right amount of texture and volume to impart a feminine personality and it’s the perfect balance between straight and curly hair.

This kind of hair is very malleable and easy to play with and switch up or down the look….

Wavy hair can give into little bit of pinning…. the pinned to the side hairstyle looks gorgeous for all occasions and is flattering for all face types as well …

I have struggled with frizzy, curly hair all my life …but with all the different products available in the market today like arganoil, palm oil and coconut oil life is so much easier n stylish as I can keep all the extra volume and fizziness at bay… new found best friends for my hair leave in conditioners, moisturising shampoos and conditioners……

So forget the identity crisis and make the most of the hair you have and style it differently for every occasion to bring out the best look every time.


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